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Guangzhou Mecpower Marine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has a history of professional R & D and production of yachts in Hong Kong for 30 years, and has been focusing on the design and construction of luxury yachts and luxury fishing boats for many years. The production basement is now located in Shiqi Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou city. It adopts modern and efficient management and continuous innovation, and uses light and high-strength new materials in yacht manufacturing. It has successfully produced a number of luxury yachts and fishing boats in China. In the future, Mecpower’s products will be more and more diversified, such as small speedboats, fishing boats and super yachts. The intelligent operating system, an electronic fully automatic technology independently developed by Mecpower, is the pioneer of domestic yacht automation. Appling the intelligent control technology of the company to the touch screen and operating system of yachts. From 25 feet to 70 meters, the yacht can realize one click intelligent operation, control and detect the circuit system of the whole yacht, display the information of electrical connection, lights and other information in real time, and timely monitor the operation status of mechanical system. The goal of Mecpower is to build more intelligent yachts with more comprehensive functions and higher cost performance.